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What We Do

Public Participation

We educate, inform and encourage Kenyans to take part in the budget process, the legislative process and the procurement process.

Budget Process

We educate people about the budget process and make sure they participate so they do not miss out on decision-making processes.

County Governments

We mainly highlight the county governments. We inform and educate people about the way the counties work.

National Government

We focus on informing and educating people about the Senate and the national government and the way they operate.

Fact Checking

People need facts to make informed decision. We provide this information by verifying facts on issues that touch on devolution.

Special Interest Groups

Highlighting and promoting the participation of special interest groups in devolved governance such as the youth and women.

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Meet the Team

George Githinji

George Githinji is the founder and administrator of Ugatuzi Kenya and all its social media platforms. He is a researcher and blogger who is interested in devolved governance and public finance. His passion to learn and teach people about devolution in Kenya is what motivated him to start this platform called Ugatuzi Kenya (Devolution in Kenya)

What Guides Us

Our Mission

To ensure that all Kenyans are included in the government decision-making process.

Our Vision

To make sure all Kenyans are informed about the devolved governance system.

Public Service

We stive to give back to the Public in the best way by providing information that is useful to them.

Core Values

We strive to be open, insightful, informative, and impartial in our work.

Our History

Established in July 2013, Ugatuzi Kenya (Devolution in Kenya) is a social media platform that monitors, informs and educates Kenyans about the devolved system of governance. We strive to make information on the devolved system of governance in Kenya available to the public and our followers through social media.

Ugatuzi Kenya

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